May Repair Cafe News

We seemed to get a number of injured teddy bears visit recently, a challenge for our sewing volunteers but successful repairs and very happy owners!

March Repairs

We were very busy in March with lots of successful repairs so many items saved from landfill. These included: a record turntable, sandwich maker, toaster, electric cooker, lamps, grinder, coffee plunger, clock radio, timber clock, fan, toy dog , jeans, fixed, , earrings, pendant, jewellery box, necklace, zip on wallet, ceramic statue, wind chimes, bracelet, umbrella.

March 3 and 10

All repairs will be available this month. We are back to our normal opening hours of 2-4pm.

Hope to see you there.

Feb 4 and 11

Due to an issue with booking of the venue the time has been changed to 2.30-4.30 – this is only for February.

Ceramic and jewellery repairs will be available for both cafes in Feb. So bring in your broken bowls, vases, etc, get your beads re strung or that special pair of ear rings repaired.

This 5 strand necklace had two broken strings which were fixed.

The repairer glued the broken bowl one week and the visitor returned the following week for the repairer to paint and seal the joins.

Soldering and woodwork

We can do simple woodwork but you may want to consider contacting your local men’s shed for more complex repairs

The Men’s Shed is able to solder metals (and fix wooden items) and they

have local sheds at Ryde/Hunter’s Hill

Lane Cove

and Willoughby of other places too

Re cycling non repairable items

Sometimes we can’t fix some electrical items that are brought to Repair cafe but they may have parts that are of use and we want to keep these precious things out of landfill so you could consider calling Whirl recycling

Small (sized smaller than a microwave) electronic/battery-run items that

can’t be fixed can be dropped off at various venues and they are collected

by Whirl

December 3rd and 10th

Get your items repaired before Christmas!

Simple Jewellery repairs will be available on December 10th.

Last month this happy visitor went away with a repaired Star Wars toy which had belonged to his father, a great example of ‘Toss it, No way!’

November opening days: 5th and 12th.

Jewellery and ceramic repairs are available on 5th November, all other repair stations will be operating as usual.

Repair Cafe enjoyed being part of the Living Future’s festival held at the Coal Loader on Sunday 29 October. Lots of people stopped by to talk about repairing things. So good to see so many in the community want to repair rather than throw out.