March 12th

Wondering what to bring along to repair?

Last Sunday we repaired : a super girl costume, Nutribullet, lamp, jug, leather boots, moth eaten sweater,

September 2022

From November 2022 bookings are no longer required

Turn up between 2-3.45pm and you will be allocated a time slot and a repair station. You may have to queue for a short time.

info on future

For the moment we will not be running regular sessions in Lane Cove. We are considering on line and virtual options. There will be announcement when this is ready

Alasdair Stuart for repair cafe organising committee

How to start a repair cafe


Before our next repair cafe we will hold a special information session

This short information session will be held at 180 Longueville Rd Lane Cove, 12.15 to 1.30. After the session, stay for a look at our regular Repair Cafe, 2pm til 4pm. A group of volunteers will cover what has worked for us, where we’ve had problems & how we dealt with them.

Do you want to know how to set up a Repair Cafe?

Come along, hear about our experience.

Sunday 10 November 12.15 til 1.30

Repair Café Sydney North

180 Longueville Rd Lane Cove

Living and Learning Centre

or phone Wendy 9420 4884

Sunday 13 Oct – Lane Cove Fair

Repair Cafe is still on Sunday 13th

This Sunday Parking will be at premium Some street will be closed off You will not be able to access the repair cafe site from Epping Rd. The Little street car park is the best option if you come from Epping Rd.

If you come from the South up Longueville Rd you can get as far as the traffic lights opposite the Library. Market Square is accessible. But to get to Little street you need to backtrack to the church on Dorrit and go down the one way section of Little St

road closures and route south

It’s on again this Sunday


Join us this coming Sunday – 2-4pm a the Living and Learning Centre.

180 Longueville Road Lane Cove.

this bag had an ink stain, so we did some visible mending on it – with some pink embroidery cotton – it’s back to being useful again!


ABC TV 730 Report is visiting this Sunday May 12!

abc tv logo

ABC TV 730 Report is going to film and do a story on the Repair Cafe this Sunday May 12.

it is great publicity for Repair Cafe Sydney North.  It shows there is now a recognition and interest in the Repair Cafe movement as a sustainability tool!

All are welcome to join us on May 12. You can have broken items repaired for free while taking in the excitement of the filming of the Repair Cafe!!!