we are open on May 6 and May 13!

In April a visitor came with a broken exercise resistance band and malfunctioning Stanley knife sliding mechanism. Please read  her comments below:

“Matt fixed it by reinstating the rubber parts in the handle hence restoring the aesthetics. With even more lateral thinking and diligently fiddling with his pliers and lighter, he magically restored my resistance band to its former glory by attaching the broken handle.” “My stanley knife sliding mechanism was also restored by Greg who, when asked, very humbly said he could not explain how he fixed it – thank you Greg!” “I also had some good chats with a few new attendees at the event. It is great that the Repair Cafe is connecting people this way. “

BROKEN ITEMS we fix for FREE includes: jewellery, ceramics, shoes, toys, clothes, bags, household battery operated items, sharpening knives, secateurs, pruning tools. For broken items not mentioned, contact us for more information. Donations welcomed.

Date: Sundays May 6 and May 13 ( always first and second Sundays of the month)

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Place: Living and Learning Centre, 180 Longueville Road, Lane Cove.

Parking: free all day parking along Longueville Road or park for 3 hours free on Little St Car Park

For more information: contact Wendy 94204884 or 0410280912

Email: enquiries@repaircafesydneynorth.net

Website: repaircafesydneynorth.net or visit our Facebook page