darn proud 1!darn proud 2


The socks were, in the words of the owner, old enough to vote. But they were well-made, hand-kitted, warm for cool toes, and perfectly wearable.Except for a thin patch under the heel. With the help of a wooden darning egg, some heritage know-how, and skilful hands, they can be worn again. Mum would be proud.

At the Repair Café, well-loved items can be darned, re-stitched, re-glued and tweaked back to useful life. Watch and learn, try your hand at repairing, and enjoy a cuppa/home made snacks in good company. We help fix and pass on repair skills whenever possible be it a home gadget, jewellery, piece of clothing , shoes or sharpening of knives and tools including common landfilled items such as broken umbrellas, backpacks and cooler bags. If unsure, please contact us